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Discover a variety of Gantt chart examples for projects, business plans, and proposals in this insightful article. Explore simplified explanations of Gantt chart examples and their benefits.


Starting personal or business-related projects requires careful planning and organization. This is where the Gantt charts come into play. These visual tools simplify complex project timelines and tasks. They make projects easier to manage and comprehend. Since you have a visual timeline of everything, you can keep track of your progress.

In this article, you'll unravel various Gantt chart examples tailored for different purposes. Whether planning a business venture, proposing a project, or managing personal tasks, these examples will guide you through the intricate web of project timelines.

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  1. What Is a Gantt Chart?
  2. Six Gantt Chart Examples
  3. How to Create a Gantt Chart in Minutes?
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Part I. What Is a Gantt Chart?

Gantt charts are like project blueprints that showcase tasks, timelines, and dependencies in a clear visual format. They are essential tools for project management, helping individuals and teams to plan, monitor, and execute tasks effectively.


Gantt charts are popular for a reason. There are several practical ways that these charts/planners can be used. Check them out:

  • Project Proposals. Present project proposals with ease using Gantt charts.
  • Project Management.Organize tasks, allocate resources, and track progress effortlessly.
  • Business Plans.Visualize the timeline for various business activities, from product development to marketing campaigns.
  • Research.Outline research phases, data collection, and analysis to ensure a structured approach.
  • Agile Projects.Adapt Gantt charts for agile methodologies, maintaining flexibility while managing tasks.


Now that you know when using Gantt charts, here are why they're still used today. Their benefits provide a productivity boost for teams or individuals.

  • Clarity. Gantt charts offer a visual overview of project timelines, allowing for quick comprehension.
  • Planning. Efficiently allocate resources, set realistic deadlines, and prevent bottlenecks.
  • Communication.Facilitate effective communication by providing stakeholders with a clear project roadmap.
  • Progress Tracking.Monitor the completion of tasks and milestones, enabling timely adjustments.
  • Dependency Management.Identify task dependencies and ensure a smooth flow of work.
  • Time Management. Prioritize tasks and manage time effectively to meet project deadlines.

You can transform complex projects into manageable steps by harnessing the power of Gantt charts. It ensures successful outcomes and organized workflows. In the next section, dive into various examples that cater to different scenarios and purposes. It will help you master the art of Gantt charting for personal, business, or project proposal endeavors.

Part II. Six Gantt Chart Examples

Looking for Gantt chart inspiration? This section covers you with a collection of ready-to-use examples from EdrawMax's Templates Community. That is where Edrawers like you can upload their diagram designs for others to use. It's a thriving community with more and more templates added over time.

Dive into the Gantt chart examples available in EdrawMax's Templates Community. This space is a goldmine of pre-designed templates tailored to distinct needs. May it be for a project proposal, business plan, or task organization, you're bound to discover a template that suits your requirements.

Gantt Chart Template for Marketing

Keep your project organized with this simple Gantt chart example. It shows when tasks start and finish and how they connect. While the content is based on a marketing project, you can easily change it to your needs.

Gantt Chart Template for Software Development

Make software projects clear with this simple Gantt chart. It shows when tasks start and finish and how they relate. Change it to match your software project.

Gantt Chart Template for Website Development

Use this special Gantt chart for websites. Icons and images show tasks and connections. Customize it for your website project.

Gantt Chart Template for Multiple Projects

Handle big projects quickly with this Gantt chart. It shows tasks and how they depend on each other. Use it for projects with many parts. The only downside is that it uses "quarters" instead of actual "months."

3-Week Gantt Chart Template

Manage short projects with this easy Gantt chart. It shows tasks and when they happen. Perfect for projects that last three weeks or shorter. Edit, add, or delete columns to shorten or increase the timetable.

Rainbow Gantt Chart Template

Add color to your project tracking. This Gantt chart uses rainbow colors to show tasks and connections. Make it your own by changing colors, tasks, and connections. It also spans several months, so it's perfect for longer projects.

Colorful Gantt Chart Template by Steps

Use this detailed Gantt chart to manage your project better. It has sections for tasks and steps. You can easily track them as the tasks are divided into colors. The resource sheet also helps you know what you need for each month. It's perfect for longer projects.

Part III: How to Create a Gantt Chart in Minutes?

Looking to make Gantt charts like those above? Whether you plan to customize a template or start from scratch. Consider trying Wondershare EdrawMax. This excellent tool isn't just for tech wizards. It's for anyone who wants to whip up great Gantt charts without the fuss. Take a look at what EdrawMax brings to the table.

  • Free Version. Everyone loves free stuff, right? EdrawMax has a free version that gives you a taste of its power. You can create Gantt charts without spending a dime – and still get impressive results.
  • Rich Templates.Don't know where to start? EdrawMax's got your back with a wide array of pre-made templates. Pick the best one that suits your project, and you're ready. It's like having a collection of Gantt chart examples at your fingertips.
  • Intuitive Interface. You don't need to be a tech whiz to use EdrawMax. Its user-friendly interface is designed to make your Gantt chart creation journey smooth and straightforward. There are no complicated steps or confusing menus – just pure simplicity.
  • Powerful Features. EdrawMax isn't just about looks; it's also got brains. With features like collaboration tools, real-time editing, and cloud storage, you can work with your team seamlessly and keep your Gantt charts up to date.
  • Visual Appeal. EdrawMax understands that Gantt charts need to look good, too. It has customizable colors, fonts, and styles. This means you can create Gantt charts that convey information effectively and catch the eye.

So, whether you're planning a personal project, drafting a business proposal, or managing a team project, EdrawMax has you covered. It's your trusty sidekick in Gantt chart creation, offering all the tools and features you need to make stunning, organized, and impactful charts.

How To Create Gantt Charts With EdrawMax

Creating Gantt charts at first can be daunting. This guide will teach you how to use EdrawMax Gantt chart examples to make them. Follow the steps below to create a Gantt chart:


Download, install, and launch EdrawMax. Log in with your Wondershare ID or an account of Google, Facebook, or Twitter.


On the homepage, hover your mouse over Gantt Charts under Recommended. Click Create New.

edrawmax homepage

Drag and drop any default Gantt templates from the left panel to the canvas.

edrawmax canvas

To edit the task names, double-click on the placeholder "Task Name" text.

edrawmax edit gantt chart

Edit task information by clicking on a task. Then, click Task Information. A pop-up customization menu should appear. Edit the tasks' start and end date, priority, and name from this menu.

edrawmax edit gantt chart

Add new tasks or subtasks by clicking on any task. Then, click Add Task or Add Subtask accordingly.

edrawmax add task/subtask feature

Make the Gantt chart yours by clicking the chart, then clicking Theme. Choose from the color and theme options there.

edrawmax gantt chart themes


So, that's the scoop on Gantt chart examples for personal, business, or project proposals. Remember, Gantt charts are like super tools for managing tasks and projects. They help you see what's happening, when, and who's doing what.

If you're all set to try making your own Gantt charts, why not give EdrawMax a spin? It's an excellent tool that makes creating Gantt charts a breeze. So, go ahead and give it a shot – your projects will thank you.

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