Top 7 Text-to-Drawing Generators

AI image generators have taken the advertising and marketing industries by storm. Check out these top 7 text-to-drawing generators, create intricate images, and get rid of manual labor.


AI image generators, also known as text-to-drawing software, convert the written prompt to produce intricate images within seconds. Unlike image-sourcing tools, these generators process and create entirely new pictures. Not only this, sophisticated AI generators can also mimic different art styles and customize the images.

Today, businesses are turning towards these tools for boosting productivity and reducing workload. The use of AI has definitely eliminated the need for manual labor. As a result, independent creators and marketing teams are visualizing prototypes in no time.

So, are you ready to explore AI image generators that will do the tedious tasks for you? Keep on reading.

In this article
  1. Part I: Overview of Text-To-Drawing Generators
  2. Part II: Factors To Consider When Choosing a Text-To-Drawing Generator
  3. Part III: Top 7 Text-to-drawing Generators
  4. Conclusion

Part I: Overview of Text-To-Drawing Generators

AI Image generators leverage AI and advanced intelligent algorithms to create images. These tools are trained on Artificial Neural Networks containing massive text-image dataset pairs. After analyzing these datasets and art styles over the internet, AI generators produce images specific to your description.

So, you can create digital animations, illustrations, and oil paintings within seconds, all thanks to AI advancement. The advent of AI image generators has made businesses realize the importance of streamlining the workflow. Today, these text-to-drawing generators are used widely by advertisers, enterprises, and engineers. 

Part II: Factors To Consider When Choosing a Text-To-Drawing Generator

AI image generators are getting better with time. Now, you can get many exciting and competitive offers. So, before selecting one, prepare a checklist using these prerequisites.

Ease of Use

Before you start, evaluate your skill set. Can you navigate technical AI image generators? Do you have prior experience? If not, go for tools that do not demand technical expertise. And do try it out yourself before investing.


Price can make a massive difference in selecting a text-to-drawing generator, especially if you are an independent creator. So, check whether your preferred AI system is credit-based, free, or demand monthly subscriptions.


Not all AI image generators have a desktop or mobile application. Hence, it is better to check whether it has a website or app. Moreover, check for integration options. Most modern AI tools offer app integrations into Google Cloud, Visio, and more.

AI Algorithms

Before choosing an AI image generator, ask yourself: Does it have your preferred art style? Do you have control over the generated output? Do you prefer Stable Diffusion or DALL-E algorithms? Once it qualifies your checklist, give it a try.

Part III: Top 7 Text-to-drawing Generators

Searching for an all-in-one AI text-to-drawing generator to boost productivity and create striking images? Let us discuss the top seven in detail.

Edraw AI: Assistant for Professional Diagramming


Edraw AI, a feature of diagram maker EdrawMax, is an all-in-one solution to reduce your workload. Edraw AI has a wide array of functions including diagram description, analysis, and generation including the text-to-drawing feature. With a dozen styles to choose from, you can effortlessly create drawings that suit your needs with just a couple of clicks. Sounds good, right? Wait until you hear about how super easy it is to use. 

Key Features

  • One-click text-diagram function
  • OCR image-to-text extraction
  • Multi-format export options (including Visio, PNG, and PDF)


  • It converts simple text prompts into detailed flowcharts, timelines, and mind maps.
  • Users can brainstorm the inputs with Edraw AI.
  • It makes diagrams visually attractive with single-click formatting.
  • It leverages AI to translate text.

User Feedback

  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Marketers, engineers, and businesses first choice
  • Improving regularly with new updates

DALL-E 2 - Best for Quick and Easy Images


Launched by Open AI, DALL-E 2 is undoubtedly a capable image generator. This tool uses the Diffusion model to create intricate animated and digital images within seconds. It creates striking visuals using in-painting and out-painting techniques. Plus, it offers multiple image variations, all free of copyrights.

Key Features

  • Powered by Open AI (GPT-3 Model)
  • Four image variances per credit
  • Support in and out-painting techniques


  • It combines multiple art styles and moods to create animated images.
  • The outputs are cohesive with the commands.
  • It generates detailed images within seconds.
  • The image quality is high.
  • It creates copyright-free pictures.

User Feedback

  • No expertise needed
  • Reasonable pricing

NightCafe - Best for Personalized Creative Images


NightCafe is a great solution for anyone who wants to control the AI-generated output. This text-to-drawing AI supports multiple algorithms to produce personalized images. All you need to do is pick a style (illustration, digital, or painting) and give a prompt. Here, a detailed prompt means better results. Plus, you need no skills to navigate NightCafe.

Key Features

  • Pre-defined art styles (animations, illustrations, oil paintings, pixel art)
  • Diverse AI algorithms
  • Massive NightCafe community
  • AI logo generator


  • It fine-tunes the generated images for better accuracy.
  • It combines art elements to create authentic and stunning images.
  • It can convert raw photos into artistic illustrations and paintings.

User Feedback

  • No expertise is needed
  • Authentic and realistic outputs
  • High image quality
  • Not the most liked by enterprises

Jasper Art - Best Custom Brand-Specific Images


Launched in 2022 by Jasper AI, it is the only tool powered by DALL-E 2. Jasper Art mainly targets marketing agencies and graphic designers. This generator uses detailed text prompts to create intricate illustrations and images. Plus, it allows you to tailor the pictures to preferred art styles and artists.

Key Features

  • Supported Chrome extension
  • Multiple export formats (including PNG, PDF, and JPG)
  • Detailed written prompt
  • No image watermark


  • It can add details like medium, artist, and color undertones.
  • Jasper Art is the fastest AI generator. It processes an image in as quick as ten seconds.
  • The interface is intuitive and doesn’t require graphic designing skills.
  • It can process four photos at once.
  • It offers a 5-day free trial with 200 image capacity.

User Feedback

  • Easy to use
  • High image quality
  • Lack of image manipulation and import
  • No copyrights with Jasper AI images

Midjourney - Best for Realistically Upscaled Images

mid journey-ai-art-generator

Want realistic illustrations with AI? No worries, Midjourney has got you covered. This text-to-picture AI generator offers the most interactive experience. Its Discord Bot uses advanced technology like manipulation, filters, and art elements. So, whether it is animations, digital art, or illustrations, you can do anything. 

Key Features

  • Image upscaling tools
  • 4-image variations per prompt
  • Midjourney art community
  • Supports 50 art styles
  • Discord-base text-to-image generator


  • It produces images of incomparable quality.
  • You can create images, portraits, animations, and illustrations.
  • It comprehends detailed prompts.
  • The first 25 pictures are free.

User Feedback

  • Amazing customization options
  • No copyrighted images are accessible to all

Dream Studio - Best for Fine-Tuned Images


Dream Studio is essentially Stable Diffusion, but better. This open-source AI image generator leverages Stable Diffusion algorithms to create and refine images. It uses in and out-painting modes to upscale the produced images. Not only this, when given a prompt, it keeps on fine-tuning the image until it matches your description. Sounds fun, right?

Key Features

  • Open-source tool
  • SDLX 1.0 version by Stability AI
  • Supported portraits, illustrations, and digital art-styles
  • In-painting/ out-painting function


  • It automatically refines the generated images multiple times for accuracy.
  • Users can control the dimensions, colors, and items in the picture.
  • It can upscale images through manipulation and import.

User Feedback

  • Great customization scope
  • Intuitive, beginner-friendly interface
  • Prompts are a bit technical
  • Requires a high-performance GPU

Adobe Firefly - Best for Stunning Digital Graphics


Adobe Firefly is yet another text-to-image generator. It leverages specific AI algorithms to generate intricate details. This generator has different pre-built styles and vector elements that create stunning effects. Plus, you can customize the lighting, color tones, and shades in each image. 

Key Features

  • 3D-to-Image can produce pictures using 3D elements.
  • Image extension supported
  • Color Variation with vector-based elements
  • Generative Fill (object removal and filling)


  • It adds fine details to your images, like text effects, natural light shades, and gaming characters.
  • It uses simple prompts to create an image. You can give commands in 100+ languages.
  • Users can pre-defined the image dimensions and colors.

User Feedback

  • Firefly images can be a hit or a miss.
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Not used for commercial purposes


AI image generators have changed the way marketing campaigns are organized. Now, you can prioritize tasks and do labor-intensive jobs in minutes. These tools utilize different art styles to produce stunning and royalty-free images for your brand.

However, their increasing advancement makes it puzzling to choose one. And no one has got the time to test each art generator. So, it is better to define your selection criteria beforehand.

Let us say you need to gather data and visualize it through flowcharts and timelines. EdrawMax might be the right choice for you. Its AI chatbot and intelligent one-click diagram generator will help you cut the workload and improve productivity.

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