Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Symbol & Library

With EdrawMax, you are not limited to only using the predefined connectors. This diagramming tool allows you to create your own connectors using the Pencil and Pen Tool.

Pencil Tool

Step 1: In the EdrawMax canvas, go to Symbols in the topbar > click on Pencil Tool. This will enable the pencil drawing feature, and your cursor will look like this (pencil tool anchor points ).

pencil tool location

Step 2: Start drawing the shape or figure you want on the canvas.

Step 3: Once you stop drawing, you will find multiple white-colored square boxes on the drawing. These are called Anchor Points and help to give a more definitive shape to your symbol

Note: Once created, click on (+) to save these symbols under My Library option on the left symbol

Save Shape

Once you have created the shape, you can save it as a symbol for later usage.

Step 1: Select the Shape/Figure you want to save as a Symbol.

Step 2: In the Symbols’ topbar > Save > Save Symbol. It will open a new pop-up window that lets you save your symbol offline in your symbol offline