4-Bedroom Floor Plans - Free Templates

Visualizing your ideal apartment space has never been easier. Explore 4 bedroom house plans, contemporary and traditional. Feel free to customize them and build a communal space for your growing family.


4-bedroom apartments are the ideal arrangement for growing families. They offer the luxury of building a communal space or setting up study or office areas. However, with four-room layouts, planning the right balance between comfort, functionality, and space is tricky.

Well, not anymore. This article explores versatile four bedroom house plans with spacious living areas, adjoining dining rooms, storage space, and private bedrooms. So, dive right in, find the right match, and scale it to your apartment.

Part 1: 4-Bedroom House Plan Examples

Want to renovate your four-bedroom apartment? Let us discuss some house plans from the EdrawMax template community. Or, head over to the tool and explore similar examples.

1. 4-Bedroom House Plan


This 4-bedroom house design takes a minimalist approach to property planning. It features an easy-to-understand layout with zero tight passages. The house has four bedrooms and two shared bathrooms - suggesting an optimal use of space and functionality.

Additionally, it is an excellent house design for families who prefer a communal setup but want to maintain privacy. All the rooms are drawn toward the central entertainment family space. Plus, the corner room with a balcony is ideal for guests.

2. Home Plan with 4 Bedrooms

4 bedroom house plans

Designing a limited space with kids takes several brainstorming sessions. Still, you cannot guarantee the functionality. This is where this 4-bedroom building plan comes in handy. It showcases a modern apartment design - divided into four sections.

At first sight, the apartment has a master bedroom and three smaller rooms. The separated living area creates harmony in the design and leaves space to move around. Despite the big furniture, there is no congestion.

3. House with Four Bedrooms

house plan with 4 bedrooms

This four-bedroom house plan provides enough functional space for a typical big family. It is designed for families who intend to spend time together daily. Straight ahead, the house is split into two sections - for entertainment and privacy.

It covers a square foot space with several rooms, including a master bedroom, living, room, and dining area. No barrier between the dining and kitchen space creates an illusion of extra space and eliminates narrow passages. Plus, the distant private area from the entrance is ideal for entertaining guests.

4. Four Bedroom House Plan

4 bedroom floor plans

Working with unusual layouts is a daunting task for hobbyists. But no longer with this smart four-bedroom floor plan. It features four bedrooms, two with a big wardrobe and attached bathrooms. Additionally, the central living and dining area builds a communal setting for family time. It is a suitable house plan for four or more members sharing a luxurious space.

5. 4-Bedroom Residential House Plan

4 bedroom house plans

Handling vertical spaces is difficult, especially in a big familial setup. This luxury apartment plan showcases a space to cater to a family of five to six people. On the main entrance, it has three bedrooms, extending to a living space and a courtyard. The separated open laundry area and the store de-clutter the house and create an illusion of a big space.

Part 2: How to Customize the Floor Plan

Like the ones discussed above? Download their eddx files or check out the EdrawMax template community for similar floor plan examples. Head to the tool and explore a plan matching your property. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1:

Download, launch, and install the EdrawMax desktop version. Log into the Wondershare account or use a social media account (Google, Facebook, etc). By the way, now the EdrawMax Online is available. You can easily create a house plan with a browser.

Step 2:

Go to the Template Community from the EdrawMax main menu. Type 4-bedroom Floor Plans in the search. It will display several templates. Find the right match and click Use Immediately.

steps of editing 4-bedroom floor plan

Step 3:

Once on the canvas, adjust your floor plan scale. For this, click any element, press Settings, and set the Unit, Scale, and Precision accordingly.

steps of editing 4-bedroom floor plan

Step 4:

The outline is all ready. Next, add interior details to your floor plan. Visit the symbol library on the left side and click More Symbols > Floor Plans > Bedroom. This way, you can use them for later.

steps of editing 4-bedroom floor plan

Step 5:

EdrawMax symbol library also features ready-made dimensions. Go to the symbol library and find the right Dimensions. Drag and drop them in any room, making them easy to scale later.

steps of editing 4-bedroom floor plan

Step 6:

You can also change the orientation of interior elements. Each object has a Rotation icon above it to adjust its position.

steps of editing 4-bedroom floor plan

Step 7:

Experiencing a creative block? No worries. Go to the AI tab on the top and click AI Drawing. Write a prompt and plan full-fledged blueprints using AI.

steps of editing 4-bedroom floor plan

Step 8:

Once, the floor plan is all set to go. Download it by clicking the Export icon on the quick-access toolbar. It supports over 10+ formats, including Visio, PDF, PNG, etc.

steps of editing 4-bedroom floor plan

Part 3: EdrawMax: Free Floor Plan Maker

digital floor plan maker

Plotting physical elements within a house on graph paper is complicated. This is why digital tools like EdrawMax come into the equation. EdrawMax is an advanced diagramming software with an exclusive floor plan maker. It helps the designer make significant changes and track the progress of the project scale.

But what makes it better than other floor plan makers? For starters, it combines diagramming assistance with precision tools to get the perfect 2D renditions of the outcome. Let us get in and see why you should give it a shot.


Numerous Editable Templates: EdrawMax has over 20,000+ user-generated examples, including floor plans and architectural diagrams. Plus, all these templates are editable. So, homeowners and hobbyists can kickstart their property planning journey.

Professionally Designed Symbols: This drawing tool features 26,000+ symbols. So, be it interior details, inanimate objects, wiring, or wall structures, you can import them into your personal library. It gives you a clear idea of the internal arrangement of the house.

Precision Tools: EdrawMax floor plan maker supports precision tools like measurement units, metric scales, precision settings, and dimension lines. With these tools, you can scale any property, commercial or residential, and see how it will look in 3D.

AI Drawing: With EdrawMax AI, you can produce fully-fledged floor plans and blueprints in seconds. Enter a written prompt and get a house plan - specific to your requirements.

Reasons to Try

  • Beginner-Friendly UI: EdrawMax’s drag-and-drop functionality makes floor planning easier for professionals and hobbyists. Even first-timers do not have to spend time getting familiar with software.
  • Reduce Creation Time: It supports AI tools (drawing, chat, etc) and scaling settings for professionals to streamline the planning process. Not only this, but its editable templates are a quick fix for an upcoming project with a tight deadline.
  • Scalable Designs: EdrawMax floor plan maker offers high-precision tools like auto-aligning, precision settings, and metric scales. This way, you can improve your plan’s visual appeal and scale it to a realistic measurement unit.
  • Cost Effective: EdrawMax’s free plan is suitable for hobbyists trying to get a hold of professional floor planning elements. They can always switch to paid plans - equally reasonable.


Say goodbye to creating complex floor plans on graph paper and hello to your luxury apartment. Get your hands on the versatile collection of four bedroom house plans from EdrawMax template community. Find the right fit and personalize it however you like.

Do not just restrict yourself to templates. Try its AI-generated blueprints and save efforts worth weeks. You may like it for future house plans.

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