Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Save Documents

Saving a document offline in your system is highly recommended as it lets you instantly open it whenever you need it in the future. Simultaneously, by saving a document, you can choose different formats.

Go to the File tab on the Home > Save. Alternatively, right from the EdrawMax canvas, you can click on CMD + S or Ctrl + S on your keyboard to instantly save the file.

save file

Save As

If you want to save the diagram to a different location or to a particular folder, click on Home > Save As. From here, you can choose between a Computer, Personal Cloud, and Personal Templates to save your diagram.

save as file in edrawmax

Step 1 Computer: Click on Home > Save As > Computer > Browse or choose from Recent Folders. Locate the destination folder and click on the drop-down pop-up to select between different saving formats.

save as file

Step 1a Personal Cloud: Click on Home > Save As > Personal Cloud. Enter the Name of the file > click on Save. You can also save the file in your previously created folder by clicking on the respective folder name. 

save as file in personal cloud

Step 1b Personal Templates: Click on Home > Save As > Personal Templates. Enter the Name of the file > click on OK. You can choose the destination between Local personal templates if you want to store them locally in your system or Cloud personal templates if you wish to save them to your personal cloud storage.

save file in personal template

Save Setting

EdrawMax lets you change the default locations of your saved files. Click on Options from the homepage > Save. It will open different setting options, like AutoRecover file location, My Library file location, Personal Templates file location, and Save AutoRecover information duration. Click on Browse to make the desired adjustments.

save as settings