Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Create a Document

Creating and opening a document is one of the first steps that you will need to perform once you have activated your EdrawMax license. EdrawMax lets you draw from scratch or by accessing the Blank Drawing. You can also check the built-in Template community to get inspiration for your diagrams.


Create Blank Drawing

Step 1: From the EdrawMax homepage, find the desired diagram type that you want to make. For instance, if you plan to make a House of Quality diagram, Click on Business diagram type > Quality Management > House of Quality.


Step 2: Click on Blank Drawing or the big ‘+’ sign to start creating the desired diagram.


Alternatively, you can click on the New icon on the Quick Access Toolbar to instantly choose between different diagram categories.


Create from Templates

Step 1: Click on Templates from the left side of EdrawMax homepage.


Step 2: Type the diagram type in the Search for Templates option.


Step 3: Once found, click on Use Immediately to instantly copy the entire content of that pre-designed template into your EdrawMax canvas.


Open a Document

In order to access EdrawMax’s .EDDX file already stored in your system, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Click on the Open icon on the Quick Access Toolbar to get started. 


Step 2: Choose Recent, Computer, or Cloud.

Recent: By default, the Recent option will show all the recent files that you have saved through your EdrawMax account. Click on any .EDDX file to instantly open it.


Computer: Click on Open > Computer > Browse or Recent Folders.


Browse: If you wish to browse the saved file from your system, locate the file from the destination.


Double-click on it to open the location, select the file and click Open.


Recent Folders: Single click on any of the Recent Folders to access the .EDDX files that are saved in them.


Note: If you have moved the location of the folders, the system will give you an error and instantly remove the folder from the Recent Folders location.

Cloud: EdrawMax offers 100MB of free cloud storage to every account. Click on Open > Personal Cloud.


Step 3: If you have saved some files in your personal cloud or directly wish to save a file in your cloud storage, click on Cloud > New > Folder or File.


If you wish to create several diagrams under one project, choose Folder > enter the name of the folder > Confirm.


If you wish to create an individual file, click on Personal Cloud > New > File and it will instantly take you to EdrawMax’s blank canvas.

Step 4: EdrawMax supports .VSDX and .VSD format. In order to import them to your Cloud Storage, click on Open > Personal Cloud > Import > Upload File.


Note: This is a premium feature, and for this, you will need to Buy EdrawMax’s subscription.

In the Personal Cloud space, you also find all the previously stored files that you can easily access. Additionally, you can access the previously created folder that you can Rename, Delete, Download, Move to, and Copy to.