Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide


1. Beautify Tools

Beautify tools in EdrawMax allow you to enhance the visual appearance of your diagrams by applying one-click formatting changes or batch-replacing colors, themes, connectors, and text styles.

One Click Beautify:

  1. Select the element (e.g., diagram, shape, text) you want to beautify.
  2. Click on the "One Click Beautify" tool.
  3. EdrawMax will automatically apply formatting improvements based on the selected element's type.

Batch Replace Colour, Theme, Connector, or Text:

  1. Access the "Beautify" menu.
  2. Choose "Batch Replace Colour."
  3. Select the target element type (e.g., shape, text, connector) and the source and destination colours, themes, or styles.
  4. Click "OK" to execute the batch replacement across your diagram.

2. Background Tools

Background tools in EdrawMax enable you to customize the appearance of your diagram's background with colour, pictures, borders, headers, and watermarks.

To Set Background Colour:

  1. Go to the "Background" panel.
  2. Choose "Background Colour."
  3. Select a colour or customize it according to your preferences.

To Add a Background Picture:

  1. Access the "Background" panel.
  2. Choose "Background Picture."
  3. Select an image file from your computer or EdrawMax 's library.
  4. Adjust the image settings, such as transparency and tiling, if needed.

To Set Border and Header:

  1. Choose "Border and Header."
  2. Customize the border style, thickness, and header content (e.g., title, date).

To Add a Watermark:

  1. Access the "Background" panel.
  2. Select "Watermark."
  3. Enter the watermark text and adjust its appearance, such as font, size, and transparency.
  4. Specify the watermark position (e.g., centre, diagonal).
  5. You can also apply a built-in watermark instead of making a custom one.

3. Page Setup

The Page Setup feature in EdrawMax allows you to configure various page settings such as size, orientation, margins, and paper type for your diagrams.

To Configure Page Settings:

  1. Choose "Page Setup."
  2. Adjust page attributes such as page size, orientation (portrait or landscape), and paper type (e.g., letter, A4).
  3. Modify page margins and set the print area if necessary.