Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

1. Version History, File Recovery, Encrypt File (File Tools):

File tools in EdrawMax allow you to manage and test your documents by accessing version history, recovering files, and encrypting them for security.

To Access Version History:

  1. Open the document for which you want to view version history.
  2. Go to the Advanced menu.
  3. Select Version History.
  4. You can view and restore previous versions of your document if they are available.

To Recover a File:

  1. Go to the Advanced menu.
  2. Select File Recovery.
  3. Choose the file you want to recover from the list of recoverable files.
  4. Click "Recover" to restore the selected file.

To Encrypt a File:

  1. Open the document you want to encrypt.
  2. Go to the File menu.
  3. Select Encrypt File.
  4. Set a password for the file and confirm it.
  5. Click OK to encrypt the file with the specified password.

2. Spelling Check and Find (Proofing Tools):

Proofing tools in EdrawMax assist in checking spelling errors and finding specific text within your documents.

To Run a Spelling Check:

  1. Open the document you want to check for spelling errors.
  2. Go to the Advanced menu.
  3. Select Spelling Check.
  4. EdrawMax will scan the document for spelling errors and suggest corrections.

  To Find Text:

  1. Open the document in which you want to find specific text.
  2. Go to the Advanced menu.
  3. Click on the Find option.
  4. Enter the text you want to find in the dialogue box.
  5. Click Find Next to locate the first occurrence of the text.
  6. You can repeat the process to find additional instances.

3. Shape Data:

Shape data tools in EdrawMax allow you to associate data with shapes in your diagrams, enhancing data visualization and analysis.

Associate Data with Shapes:

  1. Select the shape you want to associate with data.
  2. Go to the Advanced menu.
  3. Choose Shape Data.
  4. Enter the relevant data values or properties for the selected shape.
  5. The shape will display the associated data, which can be used for various purposes like generating reports or charts.

4. Capture Screen:

The Capture Screen feature in EdrawMax allows you to capture and import screenshots or screen recordings directly into your diagrams.

  1. Go to the Insert menu.
  2. Select Capture Screen.
  3. Choose whether you want to capture a screenshot or screen recording.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to capture the desired area of your screen.
  5. The captured image or recording will be inserted into your diagram.