Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Tools for Drawing Text Boxes

Text Tool

Creating and adding text to your diagramming is very important. Whether it will be labeling your floor plans or adding content to your flowcharts, EdrawMax offers a wide range of text tool options that help you create and add content as and when needed.

To insert a text box on the canvas, please follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1:Write a text on the canvas and then navigate toSymbols. Click Edit Shapes > Text Tool >Text Block Adjust Tool.

add text to diagram

Step 2: Click on anywhere in the canvas where you need to add the text. Drag the mouse until the size of the text box is sufficient for your text.

add a text box to diagram

Step 3: Start typing in the selected area and click outside the text box to exit.

add text content to diagram

Note: If you quickly want to add text anywhere in the diagram, simply double-click on that area, and a Text box will appear. Add the desired content in that box and click outside of it to exit.

Text Block Adjust Tool

If you have added a shape that has text in it and you need to adjust the latter, you will need to use the Text Block Adjust Tool.

Step 1: Write a text on the canvas and then navigate to Symbols. Click Text Tool > Text Block Adjust Tool.

text block adjust tool

Step 2: The outline will show control points, which you can drag to change the size of the box and move the position of it as well.

text move

Step 3: If you want your shape to remain as it is and want to rotate the text to a certain angle, drag the rotation handle to rotate the text.

rotate text content