Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Create a Flowchart from Scratch

EdrawMax allows users to create a flowchart from scratch and customize it in a certain way. Refer to the tutorial below to help you get started in easy steps.

Step 1: On the New tab, hover your mouse over Basic Flowchart and then click Create New.

create new flowchart

Step 2: Navigate the left-side panel to access the flowchart symbols. Choose Arrow, Callout, and Shape from the available choices. Drag them one by one to the canvas. Alternatively, click the Insert tab on the top menu bar to find and use other graphical characters.

flowchart symbols

Step 3: Customize the shapes, connecting arrows, and other symbols in the canvas based on your preferences. Go to the right-side panel and configure the provided settings accordingly.

customize flowchart symbols

Step 4: Once you’re done designing the flowchart, click the Save or Export button on the Quick Access Toolbar.

save the flowchart