Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Insert Table

EdrawMax offers an Insert Table feature that allows you to incorporate tabular data into your diagrams or documents. It can be used to present information such as statistics, research findings, or timelines in an organized manner. Follow the steps below to learn how to use this feature.

Step 1: Go to the Insert tab and click the Table button.

insert table

Step 2: Move the cursor to select the desired rows and columns, then click. Alternatively, you can also use Ctrl + Alt + T. Enter the number of rows or columns you want and click OK.

insert table select rows and columns

Step 3: To insert text into a table cell, simply click on the cell and type your text. Once you've entered your text, click anywhere outside the table.

insert table input text

Step 4: To change the colors of the rows and columns, just select the cell and click Fill in the floating toolbar. Select colors from the menu.

insert table change color

In a floating toolbar, you can:

  • Insert a Row or Column: choose a row or column, and you will notice a floating toolbar. Click Insert and choose whether Insert Left, Insert Right, Insert Above, and Insert Below.
  • Delete a Row or Column: choose a row or column, and click Delete Rows, Delete Columns, and Delete Forms.
  • Split Cells: choose the table cell you want to split and click Split Cells on the floating toolbar. To split a cell vertically, input the desired number of new cells into the Number of Row To split a cell horizontally, input the desired number of new cells into the Number of column box. To split a cell both vertically and horizontally, input the desired numbers into both the Number of column and Number of row boxes.
  • Change Cell Margin: select the table cells you want and adjust the text margin in each cell. Click More, then Margin, and choose a style from the menu.
  • Change Table Border: select the cells where you want to adjust or change the table border. On the floating toolbar, click More and then Border. Select the border style you desire in the pop-up menu.
  • Distribute Rows and Columns: select the columns or rows you want to adjust. Click More in the floating toolbar, then select Distribute Rows or Distribute Columns to achieve uniform spacing.
  • Function: to run basic mathematical formulas, select the table cell you want to run. Click More, then Function, and select whether it is Sum, Average, Max, or Min.
  • Import Data: click More in the floating toolbar, then Import Table Data to bring the necessary data file (in formats such as xlsx or csv) into the integrated worksheet.
  • Export Data: to export data, click More in the floating toolbar, and Export Table Data. Select whether it is Export to XLSX or Export to CSV.