Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Create a Mind Map with a Template

EdrawMax simplifies the process of visually structuring and presenting complex ideas or information. Refer to the guide to create a mind map with a template:

Step 1: Click the Mind Map option on the New tab. Then, choose your desired mind map design and click See Templates.

wondershare edrawmax mind map with

Step 2: Select from the available pre-made templates below, or click More Templates to discover additional choices.

mind map more templates

Step 3: After the template is open on the drawing page, you can now customize the mind map based on your preferences. You can select elements from the Mind Map Shapes or Brainstorming left-side panel and drag them into the canvas.

mind map template customization

Step 4: For further customization, select the mind map, and you will notice a floating toolbar.

mind map floating options

From the options in the floating toolbar, you can:

  • Click the Topic and Subtopic button to create and organize the main ideas and their associated sub-ideas within the mind map.
  • Click the Relationship button to connect and visually represent the connections or associations between different ideas or topics in the mind map.
  • Click the Summary button to provide concise descriptions or explanations for individual topics or subtopics.
  • Click the Boundary button to group related topics or subtopics together, providing visual organization and clarity within the mind map.
  • Click the Add Symbol button to include symbols or icons to represent specific concepts or themes.
  • Click the Insert button to add additional elements, such as images, hyperlinks, notes, or attachments, to enrich the mind map with supplementary information.
  • Click the Shape button to customize the appearance of topics, subtopics, and other elements in the mind map by choosing from various shapes and styles.
  • Click the Beautify button to enhance the visual appeal of the mind map by adjusting colors, fonts, and other design elements to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Click the Format Painter button to copy the formatting (e.g., fonts, colors) from one element in the mind map and apply it to another.