Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

File Recovery

It is easy to accidentally delete a diagram file, especially when working on a large or complex diagram. The file recovery feature in EdrawMax can help you restore a diagram file. You won't have to redo everything if something goes wrong because the tool saves your work automatically. Here is how to retrieve your previously created diagrams.

Step 1: Go to the Advanced tab in the upper navigation pane, then click File Recovery.

advanced feature

Step 2: Select the diagram you need in the File Recovery pop-up window. To do so, double-click the file or click the Recover icon on the Operation column.

recover previous files


You can change the settings for the file recovery feature. Go to the Home tab in the upper navigation pane, then choose Options > Save. From there, enter a number in the Save AutoRecover information every: input field or use the up and down arrows to adjust the value in minutes.

auto recover settings