Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Page Layout

With EdrawMax, you can easily modify how the page would look. In simpler words, page layout allows the placing and arranging of texts, graphics, and other connectors on EdrawMax’s documents.

In the latest version of EdrawMax, navigate to the Design option in the top toolbar from where you can find Page Setup.

edrawmax page setup option

This Page Setup has different options:

Auto Size: By selecting this option, you can automatically resize the document as you draw.

edrawmax auto size option

Fit to Drawing: Fit to Drawing is an easy-to-go option that lets you fit the page’s size to what you have already created on the canvas. It will automatically remove the unused canvas space to make your diagram look more prominent.

edrawmax fit to drawing option

Orientation: EdrawMax provides you with two orientation options: Portrait and Landscape.

edrawmax orientation option

Page Size: From Page Size, you can choose different page sizes, like A3, A4, A5, and B5 Sheets, Letters, Envelope, and more.

edrawmax page size option

Jump Style: Use Jump Style when you have multiple connectors that are intersecting each other. When you use the Jump Style option, it ensures that it becomes easier to read which connector links with which diagram’s element.

edrawmax change jump line option

Note: The Jump Style only works when you have two or more connectors intersecting with each other.

Unit: With the Unit option, you can make changes to the page’s unit. Click on Unit and select the desired one from the drop-down menu.

edrawmax change unit option

Note: The document’s ruler will automatically get updated as per the selected unit.

Quick Page Setup Option

Navigate to Design > head to Page Setup > click on the expand menu option OR press F6 on your keyboard to open the Page Setup option. Here, you get two options:

Page Size

From this pop-up option, quickly change page options.

edrawmax quick page size option

Choose Auto expand page size if you want to automatically expand the overall page size.

Choose Preset page size if you want to select from the predefined page sizes.

Choose Custom Size if you want to make changes to the Unit and Size of the page.

Choose between Portrait and Landscape from the Page Orientation option.

If you want to make changes to the aspect ratio of the page, make changes to the Page Scaling option.

Line Jumps

From this pop-up option, quickly change Line Jumps options.

edrawmax quick line jump option

Head to Add jump style to the drop-down menu to make changes to the jump style.

Choose from a different Line jump style by selecting the second drop-down menu.

Quick Default Settings

Head to Options from the homepage of EdrawMax > Default Settings > navigate to Default Page Size Settings to make the changes to your default page size and page orientation.

edrawmax default page size settings