Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Page Operations

In EdrawMax, you can add unlimited pages to one single document. In this section, we are going to guide you on how to make changes to your pages in terms of page numbers, renaming, and reordering them.

To add a new page in your EdrawMax canvas:

Step 1: Navigate to the Insert option in the top toolbar > click on Blank Page.

add new page option

Step 2: Click on Blank Page to instantly create a new page for your document.

Once the new page is added, it will reflect at the footer of your EdrawMax canvas, which provides you with additional features.

new page options

Right-click on the page to open a new context menu, from where you can:

  • New Page: Add one more new page to your document.
  • Delete: Delete the selected page from your document.
  • Copy: Instantly copy the content of the page to paste on other documents.
  • Rename: Instantly rename the page name for a better understanding of the document.
  • Save this page as: Save the selected page separately in your system or Personal Cloud
  • Reorder Pages: Select this option if you want to reorder certain pages.

Reorder Pages

In order to reorder pages in your EdrawMax document, right-click on the particular page and click on Reorder Pages.

reorder page option

A new pop-up window will appear from where you can move up and down all the pages.

reorder page

Click on the Update page name automatically if you want EdrawMax’s built-in engine to automatically reorder all of your pages.

Preview Pages

Once you have added different pages and wish to preview all of them in a thumbnail view, click the preview button on the EdrawMax Footer. From here, you can see all of the pages as a thumbnail at the same time.

preview pages

You can perform the same action by navigating to the View option in the top toolbar > and clicking on the Page Preview option.

page preview options

Duplicate Pages

If you want to make a copy or duplicate the entire page:

Step 1: Navigate to the Insert option in the top toolbar > click on Blank Page.

Step 2: From the Blank Page menu > click on Duplicate This Page.

add duplicate page

Step 2a: A new pop-up will come up from where you can select:

  • Content and background: Duplicate the entire page.
  • Only background: Duplicate only the created background and not the content.
duplicate page option

Click on the appropriate radio button > click on the OK button.