Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Theme Format

With the latest version of EdrawMax, you can easily change the Theme of your drawing or a particular shape. When you change the theme format on the drawing page, the fonts, colors, connector styles, and other format designs of all the shapes will be changed according to the selected theme.

To change the theme of a shape, select the shape > click on the Design on the top bar. In the Beautify section, you will find multiple options, like One Click Beauty, Themes, Color, Connector, and Text.

edrawmax theme format one click beauty

One Click Beautify

If you want EdrawMax’s algorithm to enhance the beauty of your shape or diagram, click on the One Click Beautify option. The system will automatically change the color and width and even fill the shape with the best suggestion possible.

edrawmax theme format one click beautify

Batch Replace Color

Click on the One Click Beautify > Batch Replace Color, and a pop-up window will appear.

edrawmax theme format batch replace color

From the Replace Color pop-up section, you can replace the batch color with the new Fill Color that you can define.

edrawmax theme format one click replace color


Click on the Design option and take your mouse to different themes that are available under the Beautify section. A simple hover of them will change your selected shape or entire diagram or you can expand the combined menu to see different themes.

edrawmax theme format option

Create Customized Theme

EdrawMax lets you create your customized theme, so you won’t have to customize everything from scratch every time you start drawing. For the customization option, click on Design at the top bar and check out the different options present in the Color, Connector, and Text options.

edrawmax theme format customization


When you click on Color, you will find predefined color combinations, like Cross, Novel, Charm, Antique, Fresh, and more.

edrawmax theme design format

Customized Color Option

If you plan to create a new theme color, click on Design > Color > Customize Colors. From here, a new pop-up window to Create new theme colors. Pick different color accents and choose from different custom colors.

edrawmax theme customized color option

After selecting all the wanted colors, type a name in the Name section and click OK -- the new color scheme will appear on the theme color list.

edrawmax theme customized color option save


To alter the connectors for shape, click Design > Connector.

edrawmax theme connector customized

From this section, choose the desired built-in theme connector in the theme connectors list for the shapes.

Customized Connector Option

To create your own theme connector, click Design > Connector > Customize Connector.

edrawmax theme connector customized option

From this new pop-up window, you can change the line by selecting from Solid line, Gradient line, or Single-color color gradient line. Each radio button will present respective options, like the Solid line will have customization options to change the Color, Shade/Tint, Transparency, Lineweight, Linetype, Cap type, and Rounding presets.

Similarly, Gradient lines will have options like gradient Type, Direction, Angle, Gradient stops, Stop position, and Color.

Select the desired option > enter Name > click on the OK button, and the customized connector is now ready to use.

edrawmax theme connector customized option save


To alter theme fonts for shapes > select the Text > Click on Text (from the Design topbar).

edrawmax theme text customized

Customize Text Option

To create your customized text option, Click on Text > Customize Text. A new pop-up window will appear from where you can modify the new theme font type and size.

edrawmax theme text customized option

Once you are done making the adjustments to the Font Theme > type Name > click on the OK button.

edrawmax theme text saving option

Quick Styles

Quick Styles provides a collection of format options that make you change the styles of your drawing with one click.

To add a quick style:

Step 1: Select the shape that you want to change its style.

Step 2: Go to the Home tab and head to Styles’ collapsed menu.

edrawmax theme quick style

Step 3: Open the menu and choose the desired style that you want for your shapes.

edrawmax theme quick style option

Note: When you change the theme of the diagram, the quick style menu shown on the ribbon will be changed accordingly.