Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Create an Organizational Chart with a Template

EdrawMax’s Organizational Chart Template provides users with a ready-made and customizable visual representation of hierarchical structure and relationships within an organization. Here are the steps to create an organizational chart with a template:

Step 1: Go to the New tab and click the Basic button from the option. Click Organizational Chart, choose your desired organizational chart design, and click See Templates.

create org chart

Step 2: Select one of the available pre-designed templates below. Click More Templates to explore more options.

organizational chart template

Step 3: Customize your organizational chart to suit your preferences. You can alter the shape, size, and style of each symbol as needed.

organizational chart customization

Step 4: To design your organizational chart, go to the Design tab to apply colors and font changes that match your needs.

organizational chart design

Step 5: To fill in the org chart, select the shape, and you will notice a floating toolbar. Click More from the options, and click Import.

org chart import data

Step 7: To locate your file, click Browse. Find the data file that contains employee information from your local storage and click Next.

org chart data file

Step 8: On this window, you will see how your worksheet data aligns with the data import window. If you are already done with the data, click Next.

org chart modify data

Step 9: Customize employee information and photo display preferences on the form, then click Finish. You can now change the shape’s color based on your needs. Save your edits and export them in multiple file formats.

org chart file formats