Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Create Your Own Library

Now that you have created your own symbol, let us show you the easiest way to create your personalized library that can have all of your symbols, images, and other items.

Step 1: Under the Symbols section > click on New Library.

edrawmax create library

Step 2: On the left panel, a new library folder will be added. Rename it as per your preference.

edrawmax rename the library

Step 3: In the newly created personal library, right-click to Import Symbols.

edrawmax import symbols

Step 4: Upon clicking, a new pop-up will appear from where you can:

Step 4a: Import Images: Click on Select Images to import offline images and add them to your library.

edrawmax import images as symbol

Step 4b: Import SVG: Click on Select SVG Files to import SVG files from your computer to add them to your library.

edrawmax import svg as symbol

Step 4c: Import VSSX: Click on Select VSSX Files to import Visio Stencil Files from your system.

edrawmax import vssf file as symbol

Step 4d: Import EDT Library: Browse .edt and .edl File right from your system to import EDT Library

edrawmax import edt library as symbol

Step 4e: Import Symbol: If you have previously created and stored the symbol offline, click on Browse to add those Symbols.

edrawmax import png images as symbol

Quick Save To Library

If you quickly want to add any shape or symbol that you have created under your personalized library:

Step 1: Select the shape or symbol.

Step 2: Click on (+) from your library, and it will instantly be added to it.

edrawmax quickly add symbol to library