Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Background and Layer

In EdrawMax, the Background and Layer feature helps users enhance the visual appeal of diagrams and organize the shapes within them. To add background and create new layers, refer to the guide below:


Backgrounds play a role in defining the overall look of your diagram canvas or page. To give your diagram context or style by selecting different backgrounds, follow these instructions:

Step 1: To add only one color to the background color on your document, go to the Design tab and click Background Color. Choose the color you desire for your background.

wondershare edrawmax background and layer

Step 2: To add a background picture, navigate the Design tab and click Background Picture. Hover your mouse and choose the background picture you desire from the options.

background picture

Step 3: To edit the predefined or blank backgrounds, click Background View in the View tab.

background view

Step 4: After editing, click the Normal View button to switch to the normal view.

background normal view


Layers serve the purpose of organizing and handling the components within your diagram. To manage how different objects are displayed and layered, you can use the following steps:

Step 1: Click the Layers icon on the right bottom sidebar to open the layers pane.

layers pane

On the layer pane, you can also:

  • Click the New button on the top of the pane to create a new layer.
  • Click the eye icon to hide the shapes in a layer.
  • Click the lock icon to prevent selecting or editing shapes in a layer.
  • Click the active icon to add shapes to the current layer.
  • Click the print icon to prevent printing shapes in a layer.
  • Click the pen icon to change the layer names.