Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

How To Set Default Format

EdrawMax offers a wide range of options that let you modify the default format settings. From the EdrawMax Homepage, click on Options > Default Settings.


Here, you can do a wide range of customization to the default format settings, like:

Default Font Setting

If you want to change theme fonts, click the Use self-defined font radio button to change Text Font, Font Size, Alignment, Letter Spacing, and Color.


Default Connector Setting


If you want to change the connector settings, click on the Use self-defined connector style radio button to change Line Width, Line Type, Jump Direction, Arrow Style, Rounding Size, Jump Style, Arrow Size, and Line Color.


Default Color Setting

Click on Use self-defined color radio button to change the default color.


Default Page Size Setting

By default, Use predefined page size is selected. If you want to change the page size, click on the Use self-defined page size and from the drop-drop option, choose between different page sizes, like Letter Small, C Sheet, D Sheet, E Sheet, A3 Sheet, A4 Sheet, and more.


Default Page Orientation Setting

Choose between Landscape and Portrait to shuffle between different page orientation settings.


Default Date Format

EdrawMax provides multiple date formats, like MM/DD/YYYY, YYYY/MM/DD, YYYY/DD/MM Time, and so on. From the drop-down option in the Default Date Format section, click on the desired date format.


Default Currency Format

EdrawMax comes with multiple currency options. In the drop-down menu of Default Currency Format, choose from USD to AUD, CAD, DKK, EUR, HKD, INR, and more, depending on your requirements.


Set default view unit and precision

If you want to make changes to the measuring units and precision level, click on the Use custom unit and precision radio button in the Set default view unit and precision section, and make the modification from the Unit and Precision drop-down options.