Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Publish a Diagram on EdrawMax

EdrawMax offers ready-made templates for various diagrams and charts for work, studying, and business. You can also share your diagram in the template community, letting others view, edit, and use it. Here's how to publish your diagram in the template gallery:

Step 1: Click Publish in the top right corner of the EdrawMax canvas interface.

publish to template gallery feature

Step 2:In thePublishpop-up window, fill in the template title, description, language and tags in their respective fields. Then, selectI agree to the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Community Guidelines. Next, clickOKto submit your diagram for approval.

fill in details to publish

Step 3: Click OK in the Thank you! Dialogue box to complete.

thank you dialogue box


Your creations will be visible to the public in the templates gallery once published. To review your approved diagrams, go to theHometab in the upper navigation pane, then chooseOpen>Cloud > Publish. In thePublishsection, you'll find your released documents.

published cloud documents