Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Create a Gantt Chart

EdrawMax’s Gantt Chart feature is designed to assist users in planning and scheduling their projects. It helps in organizing tasks in the proper order. To create a Gantt Chart, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Navigate the New tab. Click the Project Management button and select Gantt Charts. Click See Templates to explore pre-designed templates. Choose your desired design that suits your needs.

create gantt chart

Step 2: To customize it, select the Gantt Chart, and you will notice a floating toolbar.

gantt chart floating toolbar options

In the Gantt Chart options found in the floating toolbar, you can:

  • Click Overview to provide a holistic view of your project’s timeline and task structure.
  • Click Add Task to insert new tasks into your Gantt Chart.
  • Click Add Subtask to break down large tasks into small ones and organize your project hierarchy.
  • Click Delete to remove tasks or subtasks that are no longer relevant or necessary in your project plan.
  • Click Task Dependencies to define the order in which tasks should be completed.
  • Click Task Information to input and store essential details about each task.
  • Click Theme to customize the visual appearance of your Gantt Chart.

If you want to manage and add new columns to the Gantt Chart, select an existing column and choose Manage Columns or Insert Columns from the option.

gantt chart add or manage columns