Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Create a Mind Map from Scratch

EdrawMax offers a comprehensive set of tools and features for Creating a Mind Map from Scratch. To create a mind map from scratch, refer to the guide below:

Step 1: Navigate the New tab and click the Mind Map button from the Basic option. Click Create New to get started from scratch.

wondershare edrawmax mind map from scratch

Step 2: To insert the main topic or subtopics on the canvas, select one of the existing topics. There are four different ways to do so:

Press Enter or Ctrl + Enter to add topics at the same level and use the Insert key to add lower-level topics from the selected one.

Click the Topic/Subtopic button located on the floating toolbar to decide whether to insert a topic before the selected one or as a parent topic.

mind map topic and subtopic

Drag the topic shape from the library and release the mouse when the orange box becomes visible.

mind map insert topic

Click the following button on the selected topic.

mind map insert topic button

Step 3: To insert a floating topic in a mind map, you can:

Click the Topic button on the floating toolbar and select Insert Floating Topic from the option. Drag on the location where you wish to place a floating topic.

mind map floating topic

Take a mind map shape from the library and drag it onto the canvas. Make sure not to place it too close to the connected topics.

Step 4: To insert a relationship line in a mind map, select a topic shape. You can either click the Relationship button from the floating toolbar or drag a line from the library to another shape.

mind map relationship line