Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Card Information and Display Options

EdrawMax's Card Information feature allows you to edit what fields should appear on each shape in an Org Chart. To customize fields using this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click New > Organizational Chart. Select an Org Chart Template.

creating an organizational chart on

Step 2: Click on a field and click Card Information > More card info.

opening the card information window

Step 3: The Select Fields window will open. It will show you a set of fields that are preset to appear on the shape. Check or uncheck the options to make them appear or not appear. Click OK when done.

selecting the fields that should appear

Display Options

You can edit how the shapes in the Org Chart appear. For example, you can set the font color of each data entry or show/hide the photo. To customize the appearance of the shapes in the Org Chart:

Click a shape. A floating toolbar will appear. You can:

display options on wondershare edrawmax
  • Set the Font color.
  • Set the Line color.
  • Choose a Style.
  • Choose a Fill color.
  • Hide Photo.
  • Change Photo.