Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Floating Menu

EdrawMax comes with a built-in Floating Menu that helps you easily customize any or all the shapes, symbols, texts, connectors, and icons.

When you select any symbol or shape, a Floating Menu option appears that lets you easily customize the selected region.

edrawmax floating menu option

Edraw AI: The new version of EdrawMax comes with a built-in Edraw AI option that helps in generating texts based on your queries.

Font Selector: From the drop-down menu, you can select the font, change the size, change and underline/italicize the text.

Format Painter: Use Format Painter when you need to copy style from one shape to another. Select the shape whose style you want to copy, and select Format Painter.

Styles: Use Styles to change the style of any shape or connector.

Fill: Use Fill if you need to fill the symbol with any color.

Line: Choose the Line option if you need to modify the Line (size, start/end shape, width, type).

Bring to Front: Choose Bring to Front when you need to bring the symbol to the top of the working layer.

Send to Back: Choose Send to Back when you need to bring the symbol to the back of the working layer.

Replace: Choose the Replace option from the Floating Menu when you need to replace the shape with any other available shape.