Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

AI Drawing

EdrawMax's AI drawing is an innovative and powerful tool that generates images easily with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Users can experience a seamless and intuitive drawing experience based on their needs.

With EdrawMax's built-in AI Drawing feature, you can effortlessly generate images in just a few simple steps. Here's how:

Step 1: Wake up AI Drawing. EdrawMax supports AI drawing and you can acecess this feature through three entrances.

Entrance 1: Menu bar [AI-AI Painting].


Entrance 2: Menu Bar [Insert-Picture-AI Generated Picture]

evoke ai-drawing-with-entrance-2

Step 2: Select models and styles. Edrawmax's AI Drawing functions supports three modes: Generic Model, ACG Model, Image to image.

Text to image: Enter the picture keywords you want, select picture parameters and style, and the corresponding picture can be generated.

Picture parameters: The default is picture ratio and picture definition. Picture ratio includes 1:1, 3:4, 4:3, 9:16, 16:9, and picture definition includes standard, high, and ultra.

Text to image include generic models and ACG models. The difference lies in the style.

Select the picture in the canvas with the mouse, and then click [AI Painting] in the floating toolbar to support changing styles.

change the style of image

Common model styles include: realistic landscape, surrealistic, watercolor, ink, oil, paper, science, steam wave, cyberpunk, Disney.

different common model styles

ACG model styles include: Anime, Cartoon, Korea, Fluid, Potrait, Cute, Hand drawn, Xianxia, Sketch.

different acg model styles

In ACG model, the keywords can be provided by [spell generator] to support everyone in quickly generating keywords.

use spell generator to provide keywords

Image to image: Upload an image and AI will create based on your image.

edrawmind’s image to image model

EdrawMax also Supports configuring style intensity and AI creativity.

Style Strength: The higher the value, the more closely the generated images conform to the style description.

AI creativity: The lower the value, the lower the AI creativity, and the images produced are closer to your pictures.

Style selection: Currently supports Anime 2D, Cyberpunk-2, Oil painting, Anime 2.5D

Step 3: generate image

Click the Start Generate button to generate the image

start creating the image

Step 4: Export 

Click the download button to export the image.

export the image