Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide


1. Edraw AI Tools

Edraw AI feature provides AI Chat and AI Drawing capabilities, allowing you to interact with artificial intelligence to assist in creating diagrams and drawings.

Getting Started with AI Chat:

  1. Access the AI Chat feature within EdrawMax.
  2. Use natural language to describe the diagram or drawing you want to create.
  3. The AI Chatbot will respond with suggestions and may ask for clarifications.
  4. Collaborate with the AI Chatbot to create your desired diagram or drawing step by step.

Drawing Made Easy:

  1. Activate the AI Drawing tool within EdrawMax.
  2. Describe the object or concept you want to draw using natural language.
  3. The AI Drawing tool will generate a visual representation based on your description.
  4. Fine-tune and customize the generated drawing as needed.

2. AI Diagramming Tools

AI Diagramming in EdrawMax provides a range of AI-powered templates for creating various types of diagrams, including flow charts, mind maps, SWOT analysis diagrams, timelines, tables, lists, user profiles, user stories, PEST analysis diagrams, and Lean Canvas diagrams.

  1. Open EdrawMax.
  2. Select the type of diagram you want to create (e.g., Flow Chart, Mind Map) from the template library.
  3. Customize the diagram by adding or modifying elements and content.
  4. Utilize AI features within the chosen diagram type to assist in content generation or layout optimization.

3. Flow Chart Analysis, Chart Analysis, Gantt Chart Analysis, Table Analysis (AI Analytics)

AI Analytics in EdrawMax offers tools for analyzing flow charts, charts, Gantt charts, and tables to provide insights and optimize your diagrams.

Effortless Analysis and Insights:

  1. Create or open the diagram you want to analyze (e.g., Flow Chart, Gantt Chart).
  2. Access the AI Analytics tools within EdrawMax.
  3. Choose the specific analysis you want to perform (e.g., Flow Chart Analysis).
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to analyze the diagram and receive insights or optimization suggestions.

4. Image Text Extraction

The Image Text Extraction feature in EdrawMax allows you to extract text from images and incorporate it into your diagrams.

Quick and Simple Steps:

  1. Import an image containing text into your diagram.
  2. Select the image.
  3. Go to the "Tools" menu.
  4. Choose "Extract Text from Image."
  5. The text from the image will be extracted and added as editable text in your diagram.