Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Create a Gantt Chart from Data

EdrawMax allows users to create a Gantt Chart from data stored in Excel, CSV, and TXT files. Refer to the guide below to get started in simple and easy steps.

Step 1: Find and click Project Management on the left panel and then hover your mouse cursor over Gantt Charts. From there, click Create New.

create gantt chart

Step 2: From the Library panel, select your preferred Gantt chart design and drag it to the canvas.

select gantt chart design

Step 3: A dialog box that contains the customization options will appear on the screen. Since you’re creating a Gantt chart from data, keep the default settings. Simply click OK to proceed.

default gantt chart parameters

Step 4: If you already have the data ready, simply import the file into the platform. Find and click More > Import on the Floating bar.

import file into platform

Step 5: Finalize the data and ensure it matches the Column Name, Column Type, and Data Type. Once you’re done, click Next to proceed.

check data

Step 6: Navigate the Floating bar and the Right-side panel to customize the Gantt chart according to your preference.

customize gantt chart design