Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

AI Chat

Edraw AI supports intelligent Q&A, such as one-time chat and continued conversation.

One-time Chat

Go to AI > AI Chat on the top menu bar, or click the AI hover ball on the top right corner of the canvas. You can evoke Edraw AI to have a chat.

ai chat 01

Continued Conversation

If you want to have a continuous conversation about optimizing your answer, you can click on Continued Conversation.

ai chat 02

When Continuous Conversation is turned on, the next response from Edraw AI will be based on all the Q&A content since the feature was on, and the AI credits will be used at a faster rate.

ai chat 03

After the content is generated, you can also do the following things:

  • Regeneration: support to re-answer the same question
  • AI Diagramming: Generate mind maps, lists, and other graphics directly from the answers.
  • Copy: Supports one-click copying of text.