Think Bigger From EdrawMax User Guide

Insert Icon

EdrawMax offers an Insert Icon feature that simplifies the process of inserting icons to enhance the visual appeal and convey meaning in a diagram or drawing. Adding icons to your diagrams can make them more engaging and easier to understand. To use this feature, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Go to the Insert tab and click the Icon button.

insert icon

Step 2: Select Edraw Icons or iconfont icons, then find or search for the icon you want to use.

insert icon select

Step 3: Select the icon and drag it into the blank drawing page.

insert icon drag drawing page

Step 4: To change the colors of the icon, select the icon and click Fill in the floating toolbar. Select your desired color from the menu.

insert icon change colors

On the floating toolbar, you can also:

  • Click Format Painter to copy the formatting of one icon to another.
  • Click Styles to change the style of the icon and maintain its consistent look. It includes font styles, line styles, and fill styles.
  • Click Fill to change the background or interior color of an icon.
  • Click Line to customize the appearance of lines, including the thickness, color, style, and arrowheads.
  • Click Bring to Front and Send to Back to control the layering order of an icon in your drawing or diagram.
  • Click Replace to swap one icon to another while preserving the formatting and connections.
  • Click Ungroup to break apart a group of icons into their components.